Someone told me that the NICU is like a rollercoaster. There are ups and there are downs. I saw another thing online for preemie parents that says it’s like a roller coaster, but no one tells you that you are strapped in by your ankles.

Little Miss Minion is having a rough day today. She’s been having more apnea episodes over the last day or so, and has been desatting more often (blood oxygen saturation). Her doctors ran a bunch of tests and are getting blood cultures done to see if she has an infection or what else could be going on. The cultures take a few days so they started antibiotics, just in case.

The other thing they did today was a blood transfusion. The tests took a lot of blood, proportionately, and her red blood cells came back low. This could be why she was desatting, since red blood cells carry oxygen. All three of us have the same blood type, so Mr Minion gave blood today in case she needs more later. I’m not allowed, since I’m postpartum.

She is handling the respirator pretty well and has been sleeping most of the day. We are hoping that she feels better once the transfusion kicks in and she gets some rest. Since she’s so small, it takes a lot of energy and coordination to breathe, digest, regulate heartbeat, etc. She’s been constipated the last couple days and it presses up into her diaphragm and makes it harder to breathe.

Today is definitely an ankle roller coaster kind of day.


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