On the Mend

Little Miss Minion is doing better! She is still not feeling back to normal, but her color is better and she is a little more responsive when we get in to change her diaper and everything. She had been just laying there, trying to sleep, but now she’s flailing around again and getting annoyed with us, which is more normal.

Her blood cultures have come back negative for a couple days, so the infection is out of her blood. They will keep doing antibiotics for several days to make sure it’s all gone.

In other news, Mr Minion and I are making an early night at the hospital tonight. It’s Saturday, so he will have more time here with her, but we want to let her sleep as peacefully as possible. We are going to have lunch here, spend a few more hours with her, and then head home to our disaster of a house. Spending all your waking time at the hospital tends to put your domestic chores on the back burner. We’ve got laundry to do, fold, and put away. We’ve got 3 weeks of mail stacked up. We’ve got suitcases half put away from when she was born. We’ve been going to the grocery store for breakfast essentials only,  since we’ve been eating at the hospital. It’s a mess.

But Mr Minion and I make a pretty good team.


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