Sassy Girl

The respirator is gone!  LMM really did not appreciate having that tube in her throat once she started really feeling better. You can tell she’s our child because she has an attitude about everything.

She got to see a physical therapist this afternoon. Any baby in the NICU born before 28 weeks gets to see one automatically. They looked at her head movement, range of motion for her neck, muscle development in her hands, arms, legs, feet, etc. They watched to see how she moves and why (is she self soothing). She got a very good report! She’s doing some things ahead of schedule and needs a little work on a couple things, but very good overall.

She gets to eat 7 whole milliliters of milk every 2 hours now. The pounds are just going to get packed on.

They are swaddling her now to get her to stop messing with her nasal cannula. She hooks her fingers around the tube (quite a skill) and pulls them out. She’s got quite a grip. The physical therapist gave her a special pillow to help shape her head and keep her centered on her back. She normally hates being on her back, but we swaddled her up and put her on her new pillow and she’s sleeping away.

She’s having a good day today. Mr Minion gets to hold her tonight!


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