I would never have thought I would be so excited to hear that my daughter pooped. When you don’t even weigh 3 pounds, pooping is a big deal.

Preemies like Little Miss Minion start off very constipated, since their intestines aren’t supposed to be expected to work for a few more months. In addition to that, the nasal cannula that keeps her lungs open tends to push air into their stomachs. This combination makes for a bloated baby who can’t poop. The pressure pushes on their lungs, making it hard for them to breathe.

LMM has pooped several times over the past few days. It’s exciting. Although we had our first diaper incident this afternoon. I was changing her, trying to pull off the poopy diaper without pulling on any of the wires attached to her. I didn’t take it away fast enough and she was angry that the nurse and I woke her up, so she started flailing around…and put her foot right in the poop.

Good story, right?


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