One Step Back

They started an IV again because LMM has been having trouble maintaining normal body temperature. She was cold, then hot, then her blood work came back and they are giving antibiotics again on the off chance that she is developing another infection. They were adding fortifier to her breast milk and that made her gassy and bloated, on top of whatever else might be wrong. That’s been stopped for now.

I got to give her a touch hold while they put in her IV. She didn’t cry, which was good. She was definitely angry about it though, which is good. Now she keeps swinging her arm around, all taped up with the IV, with this look on her face like, “wtf? We were done with these?”

They are doing blood cultures and lots of other tests to check for infection. She will have antibiotics for at least 2 days, until the results come back.

Tonight, Mr Minion and I are painting the nursery. I will be cooking lots of dinners to freeze to bring to the hospital and helping paint while things cook in the oven. We are going to order pizza, watch a movie, and maybe have drinks. I’ll be having a small one, since I’m pumping. One of our friends gave us a bottle of chocolate martini mix and a big bottle of vodka at the shower, so we will probably break into that tonight.

She weighs 3 pounds, 7.7 ounces today. Only a couple more ounces until she doubles her birth weight. I’m very excited.

Tomorrow is father’s day and I’m so excited to give Mr Minion his gifts. I’ll have to update on that tomorrow. Time to start working on thank you cards from the shower.


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