The Home Stretch

Things are moving so fast. She’s been out of her isolette for a couple days, she’s wearing clothes, she’s keeping herself warm, she’s attempting bottles or breastfeeding for half her feeds, and she’s 4 pounds, 4.8 ounces today. The nurses are talking about discharge class and CPR for us. They have mentioned that we need to have her carseat ready soon, because she will have to pass her carseat challenge before she can go.

They are guessing around 3 weeks, at the earliest. She will have to take and finish all of her feeds by mouth for 24 hours. Her feeding tube will come out. Then they will watch her for 2 days, to make sure she can keep it up. Then she could come home.

Mr Minion and I are finishing the painting of her room tonight. We are doing the last coat on the closet doors and the main door and the windows. He put the glider together last night. We started sorting out all the gifts from the shower this morning. I’m going to get all the thank yous written and mailed this week.

And the mayhem ensues.


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