1 Week Post Op

The bandage came off yesterday. Her head looks much better than I was expecting. There is an incision, stitched closed, on the back of her head. The shunt valve is a small bump under her ear. The shunt tubing goes from the head incision, down the neck, and into her stomach.

The neurosurgeon came in today and checked everything out. He read the ultrasound while I was there. The fluid is down to almost normal levels! She has four tiny areas of damage, but there is no way to tell if they will cause problems. She could rewire her brain around them or they might cause delays. Time will tell.

She is rapidly improving her eating skills. Last week, she consistently ate about half her food, which was 25 milliliters out of 45. Today, she has eaten all of her bottles with a total exception of 20 mls for the day.

The way out of the NICU for Little Miss Minion is going to be through her stomach. Once she eats all her food for 24 hours, they pull the feeding tube. From there, she’s gotta keep eating all of her food and keep gaining weight and not have any As or Bs  (apnea or bradycardia). Once she does that for about 2 days, she’s out of there.

Little Miss Minion has decided that being held is the best thing ever invented. She must be held all the time. I think she is calling in her 3 months of not being able to be held, because once you pick her up, she’s happy and smiling and wide eyed.

The surgery has really made a huge difference in her. She’s much more active and opinionated and easily bored. Her mobile is coming this weekend. Mr Minion and I are taking discharge classes and CPR tomorrow. We need to get the car seat out so it can air out before she uses it.

Today is day 72 in the NICU.


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