The Home Stretch?!

I put the question marks in the title just so that Little Miss Minion doesn’t feel like she needs to prove us wrong.

She pulled her feeding tube out yesterday, and they said they would leave it out until she needed it again. Which she did. But since Mr Minion and I have gotten discharge classes and CPR out of the way, everything waits on LMM to figure out her feedings. We brought her car seat in this morning so they can schedule her car seat challenge. They did her hearing test again, which she passed.

The current best guess is that she could be home as early as this weekend! Last night’s weigh in was 5 pounds 7.8 ounces. Her shunt still looks good. Her abdomen is healing nicely. She just needs to rest up and nail her feeds!

I got to snuggle her for pretty much the whole evening. When I was done pumping, she was getting fussy, so I picked her up and got to hold her. She doesn’t like to be stroked or rocked, because she’s a Preemie and she can’t handle that yet, but she likes to just lay down on my chest and sleep. She’s very warm and cuddly. I was looking forward to that all day.


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