Little Miss Minion weighs 5 pounds 7.7 ounces today!  She lost a little bit at last night’s weigh in, but her digestive system is becoming more regular, so they said that’s ok. They added a little protein to her milk to help her gain weight a little faster.

Her mobile FINALLY came. I ordered it last week with 2 day shipping. It should have arrived Friday. It got here yesterday. They sent me a survey about my transaction: big mistake. It had tracking on it and it hadn’t even left the warehouse on the day it was supposed to arrive. It’s got a duck, frog, bee, and a turtle on it and it plays music. She follows the animals around with her eyes and just kind of stares at it with this excited look on her face.

A friend at work got her a doll that I brought in over the weekend because her mobile wasn’t here yet. The doll is very bright and is filled with crinkly stuff that makes noise. It also has two teething rings and a rattle on it. I made it dance for her and kiss her. She started cooing and moving her arms and legs around. I feel bad for her because she has to be so bored in here when she’s awake.

Feedings are going well. Not sure yet if this weekend is still a go or not. It’s up to her. Overall, she is looking great! She has another follow up ultrasound of her head in the morning to verify that her shunt is still working as it should. Her abdomen is healing up very nicely and very fast. I think we should just call her Wolverine.


2 thoughts on “Supergirl

  1. You have been through so much and are so strong. Your writings are very descriptive and so well written. I understand so much more now. I hope you enjoy the coming home days so very much, good luck with everything.


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