Happy Due Date!

Little Miss Minion has reached her due date today! She is officially 40 weeks adjusted age, which means we can start looking for her to act more like a newborn. She is already more awake during the day and sleeping more/deeper at night. We talked to the pediatrician and she said its very normal for them to do this after graduating from the NICU, which is never really quiet or dark. One of our primaries also told us this the day she was discharged. If any of you are reading, we miss you all!

I have finally started to go through and organize the paperwork from the hospital. I have one folder for her NICU documents, one for her pediatrician, one for her physical and occupational therapists, one for her neurologists (neurosurgeon and pediatric neurologist), and one for Medicaid/SSI. There are also folders of keepsake stuff, informational stuff about Preemies, and her discharge class documents. Her room is mostly put together, her laundry is mostly done, and the house is coming back together reasonably well. 84 days in the NICU does not a clean house make. 🙂

We had our first official Tummy Time yesterday! I had her on my chest for her post-bottle nap, and when she woke up, she was pushing off me and trying to crawl over my shoulder. We laid a blanket down and laid her on her stomach to see what she would do. She was kicking her legs, like she was trying to crawl, so I put my hands behind her feet so she would have something to kick against–she pushed herself a good six inches across the blanket. Very impressive. She can lift her head up and look around as well. When she was laying on me, she kept whacking her head against my nose or my chin, trying to look around. Mr Minion put her play mat-gym together this morning and she played with that while we ate breakfast. We set it up in the living room, which is pretty much directly in the line of sight from our dining room table, so she was under full supervision. It has a little mobile that plays music and some dangling zoo animals, including a lion in Gryffindor colors that I have named Godric. She was reaching out for the animals and hit a couple of them, but I am not entirely sure whether she meant to grab them or not.

Something we mentioned to her pediatrician and something we will be following up with physical therapy (PT) is her head favoritism, probably due to the placement of her shunt. She tends to avoid laying on that side of her head, which will eventually result in the other side of her head being flatter and her neck muscles being unevenly developed. Until her PT appointment, our pediatrician recommended rolling up a blanket or washcloth and putting it behind her so that it is harder for her to roll her head off of her shunt. I don’t think that it hurts her, but it probably feels different to her and she doesn’t like it. I don’t really blame her.

We have started offering her about 60-65 mls of milk at each feeding. We are going to reduce her 2am feeding to 30 mls, since she is sleeping so much better. Her pediatrician said we could start getting rid of that one if Little Miss Minion tolerates it. She likes her sleep, so I think she will be much happier. Not going to lie, but Mr Minion and I will be much happier as well. We also like our sleep. We also bumped her from the Ultra Preemie nipple to the Preemie nipple because her feedings were taking an hour and she was getting angry and tired. Since the switch, she has been finishing in about 30 minutes and is much happier.

I made cajun chicken pasta last night for dinner. Chicken, mushrooms, roasted peppers, red onions, cream sauce. It is so nice to be able to cook again. I’ve missed it. Tonight, I’m making our weekly menu for the first time in 3 months so I can go shopping tomorrow.


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