Eat Sleep Poop Repeat

We have settled into sort of a routine since getting Little Miss Minion home from the Nicu. Change her diaper, feed her, let her rest on our chests for a while to settle her stomach, let her sleep, and then repeat every 3 hours. There is occasionally some awake time during the day, when we can give her Tummy Time, but this is mostly what happens. We take shifts for her feedings at night, so Mr Minion takes 11pm and 5am, I get the 2am and the 8am. As soon as she starts to completely finish her bottles (currently offering 60mls), we can start pushing back the 2am to 3am. We’ve cut her 2am down to 30mls, because the second half of the bottle never gets finished at that time and she’d rather sleep. As long as she keeps gaining weight and eats enough to make up for it during the day, I’m good with that.

It’s been so nice to be able to update the blog instead of sending a million text messages back and forth this week. This way, everyone is on the same page and our phones aren’t blowing up at all times of the day and night. With people in at least six states, plus my fantastic fellow nicu moms who sometimes pop in, this has been a great way to update everyone. 

Speaking of updates, Little Miss Minion has outgrown some of her preemie clothes! We have her in newborn onesies and her newborn diapers actually fit! They will be excellent doll clothes though, so I will hang onto them for her.

Agenda for today: grocery shopping (yes, I know I said that was happening like 2 days ago), laundry, working on the nursery.


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