Moving Forward

I went back to work today-working from home. I didn’t think it would be as busy as it was. Got caught up from my week off. I’m really happy that working from home was an option for me.

We had a visit from an early intervention therapy provider this evening. They will work with us at our house with Little Miss Minion, giving us physical therapists, occupational therapists, anything she needs. We qualify for this program at no charge because she has medicaid.

Speaking of medicaid, I’m so happy that things like that exist. And also that I have such good insurance. I saw the hospital bill for her first month in the nicu. $597,000. She was there for 3 months. And that is just the fact that she had a room there, not actual medical care. Luckily, the part that we owe shows all zeros. Whew.

Busy day today. Repeat tomorrow. Time for me to sneak in a quick nap before her 11pm feeding.


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