Short but Sweet

We had our first physical therapy assessment on Monday evening. The early intervention team sends specialists out to our house and they provide different services for Little Miss Minion. RIght now, she will just be seeing the physical therapist to make sure her head preference gets worked on. I think Mr Minion and I would like them to come out once a week, so when we have our meeting, we will get to pick the frequency.

Overall, the physical therapist (PT) was very happy with her. She was very impressed with her head and neck control, which is far ahead of her adjusted age. Since the stitches are coming out more, I feel like her head preference is going away a little bit, but we are going to do the things the PT suggested anyway. We have a play mat/gym thing that we use for Tummy Time right now, and PT suggested that we lean her back in the Boppy to get her to look up more and to angle it so she has to look to the right in order to see interesting things.

Tonight, we are going to try her out on regular, newborn low-flow nipples. She is handling her food so well and doesn’t usually dribble at all, unless she is tired, so we think she might be ready for the next level. She gets fussy toward the end, just like she did before we moved from the Ultra Preemie to the Preemie size.

During Tummy Time the other day, she kicked herself over from her stomach to her back. She has incredible ab muscles. Its so exciting to see her doing normal newborn things.

Other than that, not too much to report. She enjoys her naps and her food. I wish my life was this simple. 🙂


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