Catching Up

First official physical therapy visit was today. Little Miss Minion did very well and earned the long nap she’s currently enjoying.

The physical therapy is offered by the early intervention team she qualified for due to her birth weight and prematurity. They send a physical therapist to our house to work with us and help make sure she’s developing according to her adjusted schedule.

She was very impressed. Head and neck control continues to be one of her strongest abilities, followed by her core/back muscles. After I feed her, I’ll usually sit her on the edge of the kitchen table and stabilize her with my arms around her as I work on the computer. She’s very secure, although I know that description is not the best. Anyway, she builds her back and abdominal muscles doing that, which is getting her very close to unsupported sitting.

She’s smiling much more and is very social, according to the PT (physical therapist). She doesn’t like to track objects with her eyes, but she will follow my face. We think she just prefers faces right now, which is normal.

Our goals for this week include 30 minutes of Tummy Time per day instead of 15. We usually do this after I “commute” home. It’s a good way for me to shift out of Work Mode and back into Mommy Mode. We will be having her lay on her sides (in preparation for rolling over) and having her do baby push ups on her stomach. She can also lay over my legs or be held horizontally on our laps. The goal with this is to build the muscles on the back of her neck. We work the front of her neck when we pull her up from diaper changes by her hands.

The only area that she needs actual practice with is her leg flexibility, and that’s more of a “she’s still too young” issue than an actual issue. They want her legs to be able to stretch a certain amount when they are extended. I can barely do it, and she’s only “behind” by about a 10 degree angle.

All in all, it was a very good therapy visit. We really wore her out.


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