Chunky Monkey

I took Little Miss Minion to the doctor yesterday to check on her shunt sutures. They looked a little red and bumpy, and shunt infections are a BIG DEAL so I wanted to rule that out. They gave her an extra strength neosporin type cream and some sensitive skin soap, and it already looks better today. It isn’t an infection, but they want it to heal faster. 

We got a weight on her while we were there. Little Miss 1 Pound 14 Ounces now weighs 9 pounds 7 ounces. Almost exactly five times her birth weight. She’s almost too big for some of her Newborn onesies (I find that the onesies run small).

I set up her play gym with some new additions today. I added a chain of connecting plastic rings for her to grab and suspended her zebra from the middle. She was trying to grab at it this afternoon and actually laughed for the first time. She does this evil genius cackle thing, but this was a genuine laugh. And lots of smiles. 

It’s amazing how much progress she makes every day and how quickly she picks up new skills. 


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