Physical Therapy

Little Miss Minion gets physical therapy once a week through an early intervention program that she qualified for due to her birth weight. Today’s session went really well and the therapist said that she’s “testing” around 4 months old! She was 2 months adjusted yesterday and she’ll be 5 months next week, so to test at 4 months is awesome.

A typical physical therapy session lasts about an hour. We let her play on her mat for about 5 minutes and the therapist talks to me about new things LMM has been doing and if she’s made progress on her “homework” from the week before. Then the work begins.

Today, we started by letting her stay on her back and bat at her hanging toys. She’s really good at batting them, and the next developmental step is reaching and grabbing them. We helped her grasp one or two, and watched to see how long she’d hold them for. From there, we started practicing looking at things that make noise. She’s still not really doing this, which is ok, and we know she can hear because she startles at loud noises. She just doesn’t care what is making the noise.

The next thing we did was practice kneeling. She’s a very hard worker and she did this for a good 5 minutes, two times. Her leg flexibility is getting better, which was expected. We did some guided tummy time, where we try to get her to look up and to the sides. We use toys, mostly, and her favorite is a black and white zebra.

The therapist gave us some shiny beads to hang on her gym and to dangle in front of her to try and tempt her into grabbing them. They reflect lots of light, which she likes.

All in all, it was a very good session.


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