Big Girl

Yesterday, Little Miss Minion held and shook a rattle. According to several sources, this usually happens around 4 months. LMM is 2 months adjusted, so this is fantastic. She smiles at Mr Minion and I all the time and tracks us as we move around. I think I’ve said before, but I’m sure her eyesight is better than mine.

Today, we ventured out for a walk. It was a little cool, so I bundled her up in two outfits, socks, and a hat, plus her blanket. She likes to be pushed in the stroller and fell asleep almost immediately. Mr Minion and I don’t get out much, so it was nice to get some fresh air.

She’s awake for longer stretches after her feedings, so we’ve started doing play mat after the wait for her reflux. She bats her toys and grabs them, which is a great thing, developmentally. She’s also started grasping my fingers or the bottle while she eats.

This week’s excitement is a pediatrician appointment on Monday and the scheduling of her follow up MRI in a couple weeks. She will also get her synagis shot sometime this month, which I am greatly looking forward to. I think she’ll get more shots Monday too. I’m probably the only mom who is excited about more shots.

PSA: If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, you should. Help prevent the spread to babies and other immune compromised people.


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