Keep Rolling

Little Miss Minion rolled repeatedly from her stomach to her back tonight. She’s done it a couple times here and there, but this was just like a switch flipped. We were trying to do tummy time and we couldn’t because she kept rolling over.

Her synagis shot was scheduled for a couple weeks from now and I cannot wait. She’ll be getting her flu shot right around then also. Too bad they don’t have something for colds as well.

I’m going out tomorrow for like the 4th time in a month. I’ll be getting all kinds of cool stuff like baby cereal, tiny spoons, and some 8 ounce bottles!  She’s routinely finishing her 4 ounce ones, and they are starting to leak.

Off to Minion bathtime!


4 thoughts on “Keep Rolling

  1. Where abouts do you live? I’m just curious about the synagist shot. We got 4 last year after our little one was discharged, but we don’t get them this year. We’ll be getting the flu shot, but I’m a little worried about RSV!


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