Shunt Revision #4

Little Miss Minion is currently sleeping off the sedative from shunt surgery #4.

Her last surgery was mostly successful. The goal is to drain extra fluid from inside the ventricles in her brain. Two weeks ago, the neurosurgeon opened spaces in between the two main ventricles so the fluid could flow freely between them. He also opened a drain in the third ventricle, allowing extra fluid to drain that way. Today’s procedure was necessitated by the fact that back half of one of the ventricles had sealed itself, possibly because of the meningitis scarring or because of the recent surgery.

The neurosurgeon added a second shunt today, to drain that back section. There was no way to try to open spaces for it to drain to the other side because the last surgery worked so well.

After her surgery, we were moved to a room with roommates. LMM is a Preemie and needs to be isolated from the public, so this was a problem. Long story short, the roommates got discharged and we’ve been promised that they will try to avoid giving us roommates.

Preemies and isolation go hand in hand. Ever since she was born, we’ve been drilled about hand washing, limiting visitors, reducing contact with others, no daycare, no public places. This hospital seems to have no concept of what being premature really entails. It’s cold/flu/RSV season. We haven’t left our house with her except for doctor appointments.

It’s incredibly frustrating to try to explain isolation to someone who supposedly went to medical school.


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