Happy Thanksgiving!

I always manage to scrounge up a few things that I’m thankful for every year, but this year, I have so many I don’t know where to start. I’m thankful that I’m alive. Between the low platelet count (the stuff in your blood that makes it clot), the sky high blood pressure, and the stress of the NICU, I’m happy to have made it here. I’m thankful that Little Miss Minion is here with us, and that she’s such a fighter. Taking on GBS, sepsis, meningitis, hydrocephalus, 4 brain surgeries, and starting every day out with a half hour of smiles and giggles makes me remember how lucky we are. I’m thankful for Mr Minion, who has been such a huge supporter for me and such a great advocate for Little Miss Minion. I’m thankful for our families, who have been there for the good and bad this year. I’m thankful for coworkers and friends, near and far, Internet and real life. I’m thankful for the NICU nurses who took care of LMM when we couldn’t do anything but watch through plexiglass, for the doctors who oversaw her care, and for the countless strangers who donated things to NICU families like us. We got hats, blankets, books, care packages. We got prayers for LMM from literally all over the world. I’m thankful for the technology that alerted us to the problem, to my medical team for taking it seriously, and for the medicines and machines that saved my life and LMM’s. 

I hope you enjoyed today with your family and that you have lots of things to be thankful for.


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