Giggling Goose

Mr Minion got LMM to giggle while he kissed and tickled her. She hasn’t giggled in direct response to us before, just squealing and cooing. She’s giggled before too, but not because of us doing something. I was able to tape it with my phone, which is a rarity because we don’t normally have our phones out with her. 

She is doing really, really well with solids. So far, she’s had sweet potatoes, apples, pears, and we started peas tonight. She also gets oatmeal cereal in the mornings, plus most of her food still comes from breastmilk. We actually went up a size on the bottle nipples because she’s getting impatient with the speed of the milk coming out.  We have her 4 month adjusted pediatrician appointment on Monday, followed by Synagis shot #2 on Tuesday, so I’ll have an official weight and length. 

Her physical therapist is happy with her progress as well. She still has some torticollis (neck tightness) from her last two surgeries, but it is getting better. She slept on the “tight” side last night and she’s started sleeping on that side in her swing, too. And she rolled over again today too! During her last PT, she sat up unassisted for about three minutes, which is really great. She’s very good at sitting. She also likes to be held in a standing position and put weight on her feet, which is really good because of her neurological stuff. I would say she can put about 80% of her weight on her feet without her knees buckling, and will sometimes take 100% while bouncing. 

Her favorite thing to do is still to smile at herself or us in the mirror. Her PT always says how social she is with us, although she is starting to develop the “stranger danger” reflex because she cries for a little while after the PT gets here. But she’s a month early on that, going by her chronological age, so yay! 


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