Another day, another milestone…

LMM giggled for me today! She’s done it for Mr Minion because his beard tickles, but she wouldn’t do it for me until today. She’s sitting up much better on her own, especially on the couch. And, this afternoon…she stood up, holding her walker, BY HERSELF. It was only for a few seconds and then I caught her because she fell sideways, but WOW.   Assisted standing is usually closer to 8 or 9 months and she’s only 7 chronological, 4 adjusted. 

She really likes solids. Right now, she’s trying green beans. We are on Day 3 of green beans and then it’s time for prunes. I’d like to try that one, because I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a prune before. She’s also started wiping her face with her bib. She grabs a fistful of bib and just swishes her face around on it. Usually, the bib has some food on it, so she smears the food all over her face, but it’s still cute. And it’s really good fine motor skills development. 

Other than that, it s another day of being awesome in the Minion household. 


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