Just For Fun!

A couple days ago, something jogged my memory about something I did one day in the NICU while I was eating lunch in the parent lounge. We had been expecting Little Miss Minion to arrive in August, so I had looked up some fun trivia back when we first out to see what her zodiac sign would be, her birthstone, etc. I think it was June by the time I realized that I didn’t know what her birthstone was. I didn’t know what her zodiac sign was. I didn’t know any cool facts about her birth month. Being in the NICU and knowing pretty much nothing about her, other than she was already a warrior, I clung to this as a way, however trivial and stupid, to get to know her.

So if you have ever wanted to know some fun trivia facts about someone born on May 14, you will not leave this post disappointed. 🙂

Birth Date: May 14, 2015

Zodiac sign: Taurus (the bull). Taureans (apparently this is the real term) are strong-willed, persevering, and determined people. Check, check, and check. Often considered bull-headed and stubborn. Yep and yep, especially in the NICU when she kept pulling off her nasal cannula and yanking out her feeding tube. Reliable and hard-working, ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Patience is also a key feature (something she certainly didn’t get from me), as well as strength and determination.

Birthstone: Emerald. According to the American Gem Association, emeralds are symbols of rebirth, which kind of fits in a roundabout way. Little Miss Minion was born very early, and had to graduate from the NICU after a rebirth of sorts, since she had to learn the essential skills that most babies are born with. Emeralds are also considered to be a healing stone.

Birth flower: Lily of the Valley. Symbolizes a return to happiness, sweetness & happiness (LMM must be the happiest baby ever), and rarity. LMM definitely lives up to the rarity aspect, since nearly every doctor, nurse, and other medical professional we’ve encountered has been absolutely shocked at her lack of a ventilator at birth and comments on how rare that is for a 28 weeker.

Chinese zodiac: Sheep. Gentle, calm, and remiscent of beautiful things.

Hope you enjoyed!


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