Trees and Baby Ewoks

It was like 50 degrees here this afternoon so Mr Minion and I took LMM for a walk around our neighborhood. We dressed her in her coat, which is pink and furry and makes her look like a pink baby Ewok from Star Wars. I hooked her into my baby carrier and off we went. As soon as we went out the door,  she knew something was going on. The only time she ever goes outside is in her car seat for doctor appointments. She was looking around everywhere, smiling at Mr Minion and I and taking it all in. As we walked, I noticed that she kept looking up and just staring. It was the trees. She was just amazed by the trees. 

So excited for spring and nicer temperatures so that we can do this more often! How many parents get to watch their kids cognitively experience things like trees and birds for the first time? I guess this is the silver lining of RSV isolation. 


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