Are we there yet?

Two more months until we can start bringing Little Miss Minion around other people. It’s going to be so strange to be able to go grocery shopping without putting it on a calendar, or being able to run into the store for something without having to plan on someone watching her.

I know she’ll probably be sick all summer from being out among the general population. We will still do our best to prevent that since her lungs won’t have caught up yet, but her immune system will be so much stronger than it was that time last year.

I’m looking forward to showing her off. Hey everyone, look at my warrior baby and see how big and strong she is! See her shunts and know what she has been through. Receive a smile and know that you witness a miracle. Try to touch her and I will rain hell fire down upon you. 🙂  No reason to tempt fate.


2 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. Although it is causing you some concern…on a positive note, you have something to look forward to. I can only imagine it’s not easy for you to have to deal with what her little body is not ready for but…I have seen a preemie baby when she was born (same time as my eldest son) and what her mum went through in protecting her. A few years later, and she looks just as healthy, big, strong and normal as him. Wishing your little miss minion well on her big day.

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