Slow and Steady

Little Miss Minion had her (almost) 12 month checkup this afternoon. She’s technically only 11 months, but close enough. She is now a whopping 16 pounds, 2.2 ounces, which is 8.6 times her birth weight, and 25 inches long. Her pediatrician said that she’s one of the happiest and social babies she sees, and that she’s very happy with her progress. She went over Little Miss Minion’s stats with me, as always, and she’s right on track. She’s on the regular growth chart now! Usually, we use the preemie growth chart because it adjusts for the slower growth and lower beginning weight of preemies, comparing them to each other instead of full term babies. But this time, we compared her to the chart for full term babies born on her birthday, and she’s at 6.6%! Her head circumference is perfect, which is good news for both brain development and hydrocephalus concerns. Stable head growth is good. 

Upcoming adventures include a March of Dimes walk in a couple of weeks, orthotics, and another neurosurgeon follow up and MRI. The March of Dimes walk will be her first real contact with The Public aka Germ Central. The good news is that the event is outside and the team I’m walking with is her NICU team, mostly nurses, who know all about Preemie Protocol. One of my coworkers and her husband are walking with us, plus my sister is coming! I’m touched that other people want to walk in support of LMM, and for all of the donations we’ve raised for the cause. 

Other than that, not too much else going on in the Minion household. 


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