A Year of Blogging

I got a message on my blog dashboard saying that it’s been a year since I started the blog. I remember the night I wrote the first entry. I had been out of the hospital for a couple days, since I was in there for almost a week, and I wanted a way to keep family and friends updated on what was going on with Little Miss Minion. Between text messages and phone calls and Facebook messages, Mr Minion and I were fielding at least a dozen conversations each day, and we started to forget who had been told the latest updates. I came up with the idea of the blog, and Mr Minion reluctantly agreed after I agreed no pictures or real names. I had always figured it would be friends and family who would bother reading. 

Then I started to look at my blog stats. As of tonight, I’ve had over 2,500 views, 591 visitors, 92 blog posts, and views from around the world. I’ve got followers I’ve never met, I talk to adults with hydrocephalus and other preemie/nicu parents. I’m able to share our story with others and learn from others’ stories at the same time. 

So to all of my readers, thank you for coming by! I appreciate your comments and support!


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