Baby Goes Shopping!

Huge milestone today: Little Miss Minion came with us when we went grocery shopping! This is the 8th place she has ever been in her whole life. 

She held on to the front of the basket to keep her balance, and she seemed to really like looking around at all the colors and people. Definitely needs to wear pants next time-we had her in a onesie and she seemed cold. And some older lady got a little too close and asked us how old LMM is. She guessed six months, and when we told her she was a year old, the lady smiled and awkwardly walked away. Fine by me. 

Weekend grocery trips are going to be so much easier. I think I’ll get her a shirt that says NO TOUCHING and we’ll be good.


One thought on “Baby Goes Shopping!

  1. When I was a baby, I had so much freaking hair that my mom had to put hats on me constantly because strangers would come up and quite literally “pet” me without asking. A “No Touching” shirt would’ve been a much cooler option. 🙂

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