Summer Sunshine

The Minions went to the Botanical Gardens this morning, accompanied by a very special guest: Auntie E. This was the third time that Little Miss Minion has been to the gardens, and she was actually awake for most of it this time. She really liked the flowers and the fountains, but her favorite part was the koi fish pond. I held her (in a vice grip) so she could look over the railing at the fish. The fish are huge, probably two or three feet long and maybe 20 pounds each, and they are very used to getting food from the people on the bridge. All you have to do is hold your hand over the water and you’ll have ten or fifteen of them swarming under you in a matter of a minute. 

There are white ones, brown ones, and a couple of very vibrant orange ones that she really liked. There were also some geese and ducks on the shore of the pond, fighting with the fish and each other over the food pellets. She was smiling and babbling and squealing like crazy over the fish and birds. I think LMM had a great time outside and getting to see another face besides ours. 

The other weekend activity was watching a Disney channel movie that I had recorded from their marathon the other today. I had forgotten about it until I saw it in the lineup, but it was always one of my favorites when I was little. It’s called Miracle in Lane 2, starring Frankie Muniz as Justin Yoder, a boy who wants to race soap box derby cars. Justin also has Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus. There is a part in the beginning , where Justin is explaining what hydrocephalus is, and he says that he has a headache. His parents go into shunt malfunction mode, getting on the phone with the hospital, grabbing overnight bags, getting ready to go. After several attempts, to tell them it’s ok,  he finally yells that “it’s not that kind of headache.” I found myself laughing because that is what Mr Minion and I have done each time we have suspected shunt issues. I thought the movie did a pretty good job of showing hydrocephalus and has a pretty accurate depiction of a shunt malfunction. I can’t speak to the Spina Bifida portion, but from my limited knowledge, it was pretty accurate on that as well. 


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