For Great-Grandma L

We received the news today that Little Miss Minion’s great-grandma has passed away. 

One of the first stories I remember Mr Minion telling me about his grandparents was the yearly Christmas cookie extravaganza. His Grandma L would make dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies: chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies. Mr Minion was a little kid, so he got to decorate them all, and probably ate more than he should have. She also has a recipe for hamburger soup that Mr Minion and I have both tried to make. It’s very, very good, but he always tells me it just isn’t the same. 

He would tell me stories about when his grandparents would take him to vacation Bible school, about when they would take him on driving trips, to the zoo, to the art and history museums. They would take him to see movies, and she always had Campbell’s beef and barley soup for him whenever he would come over, because it was his favorite. 

She is loved, well-remembered, and will be very much missed. 


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