Long time, no post

Just realized the other day that it’s been almost a month since my last post. We are all doing well, although Little Miss Minion has another cold or allergies. 

Let’s see…new skills. She loves pulling herself up to standing next to the couch, and is using her push walker to walk across the living room without one of us holding her. Every time I let go, I feel like she’s going to face plant, but she hasn’t yet. *knock on wood* She eats a little bit of whatever we are eating, in addition to her regular purees. She loves waffles, turnip greens, bread, pasta, green beans, pretty much anything except potatoes. We pull off or shred off little chunks for her. 

She’s got another tooth coming in! This will bring her total teeth to five. She has also figured out that she can bite things, so she’s always chewing on her toys and sometimes on us. There are little teeth marks all over some of her toys, like a little hamster got loose. She’s gotten very good at peekaboo, but her favorite game is one that I call “here.” She’ll hand you something, then you give it back, and then she hands it back to you. This can go on indefinitely. 

She has her 15 month checkup this week, so I’ll have new stats for you then. 


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