Early Intervention and NICU Follow Up

Last night, we had our yearly meeting with the early intervention team and today, we had an appointment today with the NICU development team to see how Little Miss Minion is performing with her chronological vs adjusted age. Short story: she’s doing really well and everyone is happy with her progress. 

So yesterday was the Early Intervention meeting. Our case manager, the physical therapist, and the two of us discussed her goals from this time last year and made new ones. These are things like walking unassisted, talking more, using utensils, etc. We have these meetings every six months. She met all of her goals from last time, which is great. 

Today was the NICU follow up, which is more in-depth than the early intervention meeting. They get her measurements (weight, length, and head circumference), and then a physical therapist and an occupational therapist take turns playing with her and watching how she interacts with toys, how well she can do activities, what her skills are at the moment. They measure in five areas: gross motor skills (big movements like walking, crawling, sitting, standing), fine motor skills (picking things up), cognitive skills, receptive communication (identifying objects, such as pointing to a book when you ask for it), and expressive communication (imitating words, playing peekaboo or other games). 

Because of her prematurity, we use her adjusted age for milestones. This means that she should be measuring around 12 months for these areas of skill, even though she is 15 months old chronologically. 

Gross motor: 13-15 months. 

Fine motor: 11-12 months.

Cognitive: 12 months.

Receptive communication: 9 months.

Expressive communication: 11-12 months. 

Overall, these are really good scores. She’s always scored higher in motor skills and lower in communication, but she is progressing at a good pace. Especially given her history of prematurity and her hydrocephalus, she’s doing excellent. They also explained that the skills don’t all grow at the same rate. Since she’s been doing so well with motor skills, they would expect the other areas to suffer a little. The important thing is that they are all improving compared to last time, which they are. 
Another huge milestone: she walked about six feet tonight! 


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