Happy September!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here. Little Miss Minion is fully mobile now, walking more than she crawls, so we’re pretty much chasing after her all night. Good news: we’ve pretty much toddler-proofed the living room and dining room. You can read this as “moved everything more than four feet off the ground and cleared off end tables.” I also had to put a PIN lock on my phone, since Miss Smartypants figured out how to open it and was texting gibberish. 

This weekend,  we are going to start transitioning her to “people food,” aka getting her away from purees all the time. I’m going to steam a ton of veggies and package them up for her to feed herself while we eat dinner. She eats tons of finger foods at daycare, but we haven’t gotten in the habit of doing that at home yet. I’m also terrified of her choking, but we DID have to take a choking/CPR class before we were discharged from the nicu. A nice side effect of this change is that Mr Minion and I will be eating more veggies too. 

We got her official nicu follow up report in the mail yesterday. It’s pretty much everything I already talked about, but they did call her IUGR at birth, which is not something that either Mr Minion or myself remembers. IUGR stands for intrauterine growth restriction, and means that the baby is smaller than they should be for their gestational age. It’s pretty common in preeclamptic delivered babies, since the placenta is usually affected by the high blood pressure and can’t function as well as it should. LMM was 1 pound, 14 ounces and 13.5 inches long at birth. The average stats for a 28 weeker are 2 pounds, 8 ounces and 14 inches long. It doesn’t really mean anything now, since she has stayed on her growth curve and isn’t having trouble gaining weight, but it is important information to have if I ever have another baby. 

LMM’s current favorite things: the Ducktales theme song, “flying,” being upside down, veggie straws, food in general, Mr Minion, and her light up bouncy balls. Current dislikes: being told no. 

Things are getting interesting. 


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