Speaking of which…

My last post was about the start of cold/flu/RSV season. Since then, Little Miss Minion has been fighting off a cold that has turned into a sinus infection. Lovely. We took her to the pediatrician yesterday and they gave her some antibiotics to help clear the sinus infection that might turn into an ear infection. The average kid should be getting better by now, with as long as she’s had this, but since she’s a preemie, it takes her a little longer to fight things like this, especially given her weakened lungs. 

We did get some new stats on her though! She is 17 months old, 14 months adjusted, and weighs 19 pounds 8 ounces! We are almost at 20 pounds, ladies and gents! 

In other news, we got her orthotics and new shoes for her, since she’s in the big kid class at daycare. I also scored an entire winter wardrobe for her over the weekend for about forty bucks. She’s in 9 month clothes now, so I bought 9 months and 12 months. The organization that holds the sale has several a year, and the next one is in the spring. I’ll take stock of where she is then, in terms of sizing. One thing is for sure: we definitely get our money’s worth out of clothes for her! Growing out of a size every week? Psssh, not with a preemie in the house! I guess when she’s like 80 and looks 40, she won’t mind as much lol. 


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