12 Days of Preemie Christmas

I had an idea for a series of posts to commemorate the 12 days of Christmas, but with a twist. Bear with me. Even though Little Miss Minion was born in May. It’s artistic! It could also apply to pretty much any preemie parent. These will be short, informational blurbs about common NICU stuff. 

On the first day of Preemie Christmas, the NICU gave to me: a micropreemie in an isolette. 

Micropreemies are babies born before 26 weeks OR born weighing less than 2 pounds. Little Miss Minion was born weighing 1 pound, 14 ounces, and therefore qualifies as a micro Preemie. Babies born this early need help with lots of vital functions, such as protecting their fragile eyes from light, staying warm, and developing in a nice, quiet place. The isolette provides the perfect place for micropreemies to grow. 

The first time we saw LMM after she was born, apart from the 10 seconds I was allowed to see her before they whisked her out of the operating room and off to the NICU, she was in an isolette. She stayed in there (unless she was being kangaroo’d) until she was about 35 weeks gestational, or about 2 months old. 


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