Preemie Christmas Part 5

On the fifth day of Christmas, the NICU gave to me: 5 needle sticks, 4 brain surgeries, 3 minute scrubs, 2 blood transfusions, and a micro preemie in an isolette. 
Preemies get poked and prodded quite a bit during their nicu stays. From blood sugar testing to checking bilirubin  (jaundice) levels to looking for infections…it’s a whole lot of needles. 

This is why some studies show that preemies have a higher pain tolerance than their full term peers. This is also why some preemies, Little Miss Minion included, don’t like to have their hands or feet touched. I think it’s a sensitivity thing or a deep memory of associating hand and foot touches with pain. We have worked with LMM quite a bit with getting her used to touches on her hands and feet. 
All the needle sticks have left their marks. Along with her shunt scars, LMM also has scars from heel sticks and iv lines and needle sticks. But they will be incredible stories to tell: how she survived the nicu. 


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