Family Day Out

We had another first today: Little Miss Minion went to the ZOO!

We weren’t sure if she would really care, but she was SO excited. The first animal we saw was a big brown bear. She kept saying “rawr” after we left for the next one. There was also a penguin house. I think that was her favorite. She was beaming and counting them and squealing when they jumped into the water and splashed us. We also saw the bird house, the reptile house, lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, zebras, antelope, elephants, a giraffe, and tons of others. While we were in the bird house, we were standing in front of a kookaburra when it made its “laughing” call. It was super loud and LMM didn’t really like it, but it was pretty cool. If you’ve never heard one, go google it and then picture standing about three feet away from one.

She also really liked the snakes, particularly a huge python that was flicking its tongue at the glass in front of her. There were also some huge tortoises that she was super excited to look at.

I pulled out my Fitbit for this and hit my step goal for the day during our two hour visit. I can only imagine how much walking that translates into for LMM. She’s going to sleep good tonight!

One thought on “Family Day Out

  1. Zoo trips are a fun one! Especially at that age when you can watch their different reactions to the different animals. It’s sounds like she really enjoyed it. We had an annual pass for a local zoo for a year. It was fun to watch Little Man react and even got to “help” feed a giraffe.

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