Hello Again

Soooo, it’s been six months since my last update.


Recap of Minion Life since the Foot Incident of 2018:

1. Little Miss Minion has started half day preschool through her daycare.

2. She is about 32 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds.

3. We went on a Disney Cruise with Mr Minion’s parents in November and she had a BLAST.

4. Toy Story is her favorite movie right now.

5. She finally figured out how to tear into presents and it is adorable.

Late last week, Little Miss Minion had a tiny cough and a little runny nose for like a day. No fever. I heard the cough and felt Preemie Mom mode come on, wondering if she would need her nebulizer and hoping she wouldn’t be sick for Christmas. She was fine in a day or so. I assumed we had escaped it.

And then I started to cough late on Christmas Eve. The next day, Mr Minion and I were both miserable. It sounded like a pack of seals had broken into our house. It’s been a week, and we are still trying to kick it. Meanwhile, Little Miss Minion is bouncing off the walls and happy as can be. It should really be against the rules for both parents to be sick at the same time. It’s just not fair.

I’m hoping this bodes well for her preemie lungs and immune system. It’s either that or they are engineering the next plague at daycare and she has developed immunity. 🙂

Hoping you and yours had a great holiday and wishing you a happy and healthy New Year in a few days. I’m off to do some shots (of NyQuil) and have a long winter’s nap.

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