Sick Day

Little Miss Minion has a cough so she’s taking the day off from school and I’m using today to catch up on school. 🙂

In the next two weeks, I have a 100 point paper, a 100 point lab test, and a 125 point final exam. Oh, and my baby is turning 4!!!

The paper is kind of cool- we were given a test tube with two different bacteria in it and we had to run a bunch of tests on it to see what kind of bacteria was in there. I figured both of mine out after only two tests. One was Staphylococcus aureus and the other was Salmonella typhimurium. After we figure out what we have, we write a paper explaining the process and tests we used to determine the bacteria.

Anyway, hoping to get the paper outlined today and maybe work on my study guides for the two tests. So far, we’ve played with play doh, practiced writing letters, and watched some TV.

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