First Week of Class

It’s been a week since class began and I had to buy a new planner to keep track of all my classwork and homework. Anatomy and Physiology definitely seems to be a dividing line in terms of coursework. This class has a once a week lecture, where we’re covering about two chapters, and a once a week lab class, where we handle application of those two chapters. I think there a lot of new college students in my lecture class because none of them seems to understand how to take notes. 90% of the class was frantically copying down notes–even though the notes are available on the school website and we were looking right at them.

So far, we’ve covered the body plan, general explanations of what A&P is, and a review of chemistry. This week, we cover the cell, and this weekend is a holiday because of Labor Day so I don’t have my Saturday lab. Yay! I’ll spend the time studying instead. 🙂

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