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One Month of SAHM-ing

It’s been a whole month since my last day of work and my first day of being a stay at home mom (SAHM). I think Little Miss Minion has transitioned very well to staying home with me instead of going to daycare. I think I’ve transitioned pretty well too.

Here’s our general schedule:

After Mr Minion leaves for work, we do some “school” activities. This includes some combo of writing letters, tracing her name, and/or math. She’s got a math puzzle that she enjoys, but sometimes I’ll do this throughout the day and ask her how many of X item would she have if I took/added X number of items. She loves that and has started doing the same thing to us. Last night, we were eating dinner and she was asking us how many pieces of fish she would have left if she took some away. We sometimes give her a wrong answer to test her, but she’s getting pretty good.

After “school,” we go downstairs to her playroom and she can play with her kitchen, her castle, or her easel (and the plethora of other toys down there).

By this time, it’s getting close to lunchtime, so we come back upstairs and she cleans up her stuff while I make lunch. After lunch is naptime, and I either clean or study.

After her nap, we sometimes watch a tv show or movie. Sometimes she does a puzzle or colors on her own and I can keep working on school stuff. I’ll start dinner about an hour before Mr Minion should be home.

We’ve kept her off the iPad for about a week now, and I’ve noticed a big change in her ability to entertain herself and her focus. I don’t think she’s old enough yet for any actual educational games on there. I think the iPad might “disappear” this afternoon.

I think we’re going to keep doing swim lessons for her. She absolutely loves them and it’s a good way to keep her socialized. I need to sign her up for the next round. Once it gets warmer out, we’ll start going to the park. My goal is to walk there a couple times a week. It’s about 3 miles round trip and I’ll be bringing the Cadillac stroller (it’s a really nice jogging stroller) so I don’t have worry about her on the busy road and for book storage (the park is on the way to the library). I bought a sunhat for this exact reason, since I’m so pale. It’s similar to a handmaidens tale hat, only blue and there’s a flap of fabric that covers your neck in the back. It reminds me of retro Hollywood.

In other news, I had my first practical exam for Anatomy & Physiology II. In case you are unfamiliar with the structure of my class, it’s one course called A&P II. The class is split into a lecture, which is heavy on PowerPoint and explanation of the physiology part (explaining how the heart works, how the lungs work, what cells make up your blood, etc), and a lab (dissect a heart to see the parts, do your own blood typing to see which antigens you have, look at this model of the lungs to see where the gas exchange occurs). It’s kind of like having two classes, since they each have their own homework and tests, but they count as one grade total. My course grade will be made of 75% from lecture and 25% from lab.

The practical test in lab is set up on a series of stations at each lab table. There will be a model or a diagram or sometimes a dissected organ with questions that we have to answer. This one was very heavy on blood vessels and where your blood would be going depending on which vessel it was in.

Our scores were posted the other day day I got a 96%! So far, so good.

Little Miss Fishy

In an effort to get Little Miss Minion (and me) some social interaction, we decided to sign her up for swimming class. She’s in the preschool group, where they mostly focus on getting the kids to feel comfortable in the water. Her group consists of her and two other kids. The other two are bigger than she is (what else is new?) and more experienced in the water. At one point, she decided to go sit on the stairs and watch, but I talked her into going back over to the group. Her teacher really helped-I think she realized LMM was nervous, not just being stubborn. About five minutes later, she was splashing and picking up diving rings (they were in the kids section, so the water ranged from zero inches deep at the beach ramp walk in to like two feet at the far end). They also did boogie boards, where the kids hold the board and kick while the teacher pulls them around. They practiced floating, which I was sure LMM was going to pass on, but she did it. They also practiced jumping into the water while holding the teacher’s hands. I didn’t think she’d do that either, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was fully expecting her to refuse to go in this time, since the pool is a new place for her and I was over in the parent area. Every time she did something, she’d look over at me and beam–the biggest smiles ever. It was adorable.

While I was getting her dried off and dressed for the ride back home, she asked me if we could come back tomorrow. I think she likes it.