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More progress!

As Little Miss Minion gets closer to coming home, they start doing more tests of her senses to make sure they developed properly. Preemies being preemies means that they didn’t get as much time to fine tune things like a full term baby would. All of their systems are in place, they just haven’t finished the small adjustments.

Her eyes look good. The eye doctor checks on most preemies once every week or two to make sure their eyes keep developing normally. Preemies are at risk for retinopathy of prematurity, which can result in the retina detaching itself, which means blindness. LMM does not show signs of this. Whether she will get my crappy eyesight is another story.

She passed her hearing test yesterday, which is good on two counts. All babies, preemie or not, have to pass before they are discharged, but again, preemies are at higher risk of ears not being fully developed. LMM also developed sepsis from a group b strep infection, and one of the side effects of sepsis in infants is meningitis, which can cause hearing damage. LMM did not cooperate when the doctors attempted a spinal tap (3 different times), so we will never know with 100 percent certainty whether she got it or not. But passing the hearing test is another strike in the “no” column.

The hospital is having me bring in some of my frozen milk, which is good because my freezer upstairs is full and my giant basement freezer that is taller than I am is also full. LMM is eating 40 ml every 3 hours, which is quite an improvement on her 2 ml every 4 hours from when she was born.

She was moved into a “big girl” crib yesterday. This is a normal looking crib that they use for babies who have been or will be here for a while. It looks like a normal crib and makes the parents feel better, plus it’s much easier to get to her.

Preemie power!