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Feet are Gross

Little Miss Minion has inherited my mosquito problem. Not only do they love to bite us, but our skin welts up afterward. If you google “skeeter syndrome” that’s a fairly accurate portrayal.

So Thursday, after I picked her up from daycare, she started crying about her “skeeto bites” and how her foot hurt. She’s been doing this off and on since the bites started, so we’ve made a ritual of getting home and cleaning up, putting itch cream on, and then having a snack. We got home and I got her into the bathroom and took her socks off. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that feet are gross, and I knew immediately that we needed to take her to the doctor. We started at a convenient care, and I was expecting maybe some special soap and ointment. Nope. They said it was a deep skin infection and she needed IV antibiotics. Time for the ER.

Luckily, we got to go to our favorite hospital, and not the one we have to go to for shunt problems. This is also the hospital I volunteer at and the one she was born in. We checked in at the ER, and they agreed that she had an infection and needed antibiotics. Normally, they would prescribe oral antibiotics and send us home, but with her history and with her shunts, they didn’t want to risk the infection spreading to her shunts. While they got her IV started and waited for a room to open up, Mr Minion went back home and picked up some stuff for us to stay overnight.

We ended up staying for two nights, but the experience was so much better than at the other hospital. I felt like the nurses and techs were generally not as busy (I think there’s a staffing issue at the other place), and the overall atmosphere is much more positive. Child life visited us and brought her toys, stickers, blocks, etc. She was in a surprisingly good mood for being cooped up and tethered to her IV.

We got out yesterday and her feet look much better. Here’s your health tip of the day: keep your feet clean and don’t scratch at bug bites!!

Last Minute

Little Miss Minion has done pretty well today. Her neurosurgeon had his last nicu visit with her and has cleared her to bi-monthly follow up appointments. The nicu doctor has written discharge orders, pending an official final rounds tomorrow. Her car seat fitting is in the morning. She will have follow up physical therapy and occupational therapy visits.

We are doing last minute clean up around the house. Last night, I went through all the clothes we have gotten and sorted them by size. I need to wash all of the newborn things, all of her blankets, her towels, washcloths, and extra sheets. Mr Minion is planning to hang some stuff up on her walls. I’ve washed her milk containers.

We need to put together our thank yous for her primary nurses. I got cards, candy, and we got gift cards for the hospital for each of them. There is a cafeteria (with pretty good good, actually), an awesome little coffee shop, plus a gift shop with tons of cool things in there. All of these places accept the gift cards, so we figured they would definitely get used.

It’s going to be strange to not be at the hospital all the time. Everyone knows us, since we’ve been here every single day for 3 months. Not even just the nurses-the security guard who gets his morning coffee every day as I’m headed out the door to work. The kid in the coffee shop who makes the best mocha frappucino in the world. The cafeteria workers who recommend their favorites of the dinner options. The NICU secretaries who have known us by name since day 4.

I think I’m actually going to miss the hospital. I’ll be so happy to have Little Miss Minion home where she belongs, but I think I’ll miss her nurses and her doctors, and the reassurance of the monitors, even though she hasn’t set them off in weeks.

16 hours until her car seat fitting and still so much to do!