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Orthotics: Round Two

Little Miss Minion got fitted for her second pair of orthotics this afternoon. She’s on her toes much less, but enough to cause trouble down the road when she gets really good at walking. She’s toddling around in 10 foot bursts now, but sometimes, she will go up on her toes and lose her balance. The orthotics will make her muscles stretch so they aren’t so tight (hypertonia), as well as get her used to a correct gait for walking (not going up on toes). They took casts of her feet and ankles, which she did not appreciate. They send those off to be fabricated into the actual orthotics, and we should have them back in about two weeks. Then we have to find shoes to fit over them! Little Miss Minion is going to have shoes! She was hysterical while the measurements were being taken, until the physical therapist and I bribed her with food and the iPad. The PT said “she’s such a toddler now, wanting the electronics!” And she figured out how to open my phone screen…so if you get a weird call from me that sounds like a hyena, it’s not me. 

We got the official letter from the opthalmogist, which basically says the same things I already talked about. He sent a copy to her pediatrician and another copy to her neurosurgeon. Eye pressure and shunts can be related, so it’s probably a good idea to keep everyone in the loop. There were no concerns with her shunt, so this is a good baseline. Although, if her eyes are anything like mine, it’s just going to be a long, slow slide into glasses and contacts. But at least it’s hereditary and not a preemie thing! 

Other than that, there isn’t too much going on. Oh, she’s getting another tooth! So now she’s got her two front, two bottom, one canine, and the other one is coming in. And she starts a daycare center this week. We took her by when we signed her up (we visited a couple of times without her) and the other kids are soooo big. They are all between 14 and 12 months old, but they must outweigh her by five pounds and a couple inches. Small but mighty!

Almost April

Little Miss Minion said her first word tonight! Drumroll….it was “Mama.” So exciting. 

In other news, we are looking at getting orthotics for her feet. Due to her small areas of brain damage, she’s at a higher risk for hypertonia, or high muscle tone. Basically, this means that the muscles would be in the stretched position instead relaxed. She does this with her toes, so we want to get them fixed before she starts trying to walk on them. What will happen if we ignore it is that she will walk on her tiptoes. Right now, she stands up on her toes whenever we pull her to standing, and when she’s sitting down, her toes curl in frequently. 

The orthotics will be custom made, and will look kind of like shoes. They will stretch her foot muscles while she sleeps, allowing her to stand and walk normally. They are similar to the ones I wear for plantar fasciitis. When I manage to remember to wear mine, my feet always feel so much better, and I hope hers do too.

She’s getting one more Synagis shot, since rsv is pretty bad this year. I’ll have an updated weight on her then too. 

Other than that, not much to report. She’s rolling herself everywhere these days, and starting to get into everything at floor level. Time to start putting things up.