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Father’s Day

It’s looking like Little Miss Minion probably doesn’t have an infection. She looks good, her monitors look good. They are waiting on blood tests and cultures to come back before they stop the antibiotics. She had her feeds started again, since they had stopped those due to her intolerance of the fortifier. They won’t try that again for a couple weeks.

She dropped .7 ounces, so she’s down to 3 pounds 7 ounces. She didn’t eat anything for a day, so that explains the weight loss.

We painted coat 1 of 2 in the nursery yesterday. It looks pretty good. We need to do the trim as well, since the yellow makes it look dingy. It’s 80s white, which is really not white. Now all we need to do is get all her stuff up there, wash all her clothes, buy the things we didn’t get, and get it all put away. We’re working with about 20 minutes of time a day for about 6 weeks, which is hopefully when we can expect her to be coming home.

I gave Mr Minion his father’s day gifts this morning before we came up. I got him a nice pair of slippers, since he wore his old ones out while I was in the hospital. I also got him some good coffee, a t shirt that says “Daddy since 2015” and two daddy books he can read to her once she’s out of her isolette. I made pancakes with sweet potatoes in them for breakfast, since he’s always asking me to make pancakes and he loves sweet potatoes.

He is kangarooing her now, so I think I’m going to take advantage of this nice, quiet, dark room and go for a nap. It’s been another busy weekend.