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Big Girl

We got our window room!  It’s so nice to see the sun sometimes.

Little Miss Minion is 4 pounds! She gets to wear clothes and they turned off her bed heat, so she has to maintain her own body temperature. It’s been about a day and she’s doing great. They might switch her bed out to an open crib next time she’s due for a bed switch.

Feeding is proving to be more difficult. Taking all feeds by mouth is her ticket out, so I’m very aware of how important it is for her to learn to eat. I tried to breastfeed her again today and she just shrieked for ten minutes and then fell asleep. Granted, this was her 4th ever attempt and two of those probably don’t count because she was sleeping the whole time. One of our primary nurses (a nurse we really liked and requested to care for LMM every shift she works) will be back tomorrow so I think I will talk to her about it.

Primary nurses are important because you have the same person working with the baby several days in a row. They see patterns, likes and dislikes, little tricks. It’s more consistent. We currently have one day nurse and one night nurse who are Little Miss Minion’s primaries.

She saw the eye doctor again today. He follows up on all preemies, especially the younger ones. Her eyes look good and she’s got another follow up in 2 weeks. Preemies are at risk for ROP, a condition that can lead to blindness and is caused by prematurity. They are carefully monitored by eye doctors during their nicu stay to make sure everything looks good.

We might get a rocking chair in a couple weeks. Preemies can’t handle tons of stimuli, so when we hold her, we can’t rock her. If you are holding her, you have to be still. You have to be quiet. You can’t stroke her while holding. No humming. Just being held is a lot of stimuli and doing something else at the same time, like singing, will overwhelm her.

So excited at her progress!